Check out these videos from Nalle's travels featuring first ascents and classics from around the world.

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Norway has some of the best granite in the world, and lots of it! In the summer of 2010 Nalle went on a roadtrip to check out some the best bouldering areas in Norway; Harbak, Vingsand and the Lofoten islands. In the Nordic summer, above the Arctic circle they would often wake up and go climbing at around 3 AM with the midnight sun! This video has Nalle's best first ascents from the trip like The Diamond (8B) and Rough Gem (8B) as well as lots of older classics.


The Grampians in Australia might be one of, if not the best, area in the world for both bouldering and sport climbing. While the bouldering there is not that developed yet, the potential is huge. Nalle has spent his 2011 and 2012 trips mostly brushing up new lines and putting up first ascents. One of the biggest areas that Nalle and his friends have been developing is called Buandik and it now has one the largest concentration of hard boulders in the world. And all of the problems look incredible! Here's a video of Nalle doing a couple first ascents and climbing on the amazing Taipan wall.


Switzerland has always been one of Nalle's favorite bouldering destinations in the world, ever since his first trip there in 2004. In total Nalle has spent over a year climbing in Switzerland over various trips. The great thing about Switzerland is that there's always something to come back to and new lines to be brushed! Here's a video from of one of Nalle's trips to Ticino including his first ascent of Ninja Skills (8B+) in Sobrio.


Colorado is a great summer destination. When most places are too hot to climb in the summer, in the alpine you can still get great conditions at high altitude. This video is from one of the newer areas in Colorado called Lincoln Lake or Wolverine Land, which well may have the highest concentration of hard boulder problems in the States.

Hueco Tanks

Hueco Tanks in Texas is one of the older and best known bouldering areas in the world. Known for the crimpy style, Hueco has no shortage of crimper problems at any grade. Hueco is the birthplace of the V-grade and has a variety of boulders all the way up to V15.