Here are some topos / guides from some of the areas Nalle has been developing in different parts of the world. Some of them are pretty rough drafts, but they should do the job.


Grampians, Australia

Buandik topo - main sector

Grampians might be my favorite climbing area in the world right now. So far I've spent two seasons there establishing new areas and putting up boulder problems. The quality of rock rock is immaculate in the Grampians; bulletproof sandstone that forms interesting and unique features.

I put up some great new first ascents in the Mt. Stapylton area over the -11 season, most of which are listed as projects in the Grampians Bouldering Guide so these boulders will be updated in the next edition of the book when it comes out. For those who don't want to wait, here is a list of the new FA's in the Northern Grampians. Also in 2012 Nalle got the first ascent of the old Klem Loskot dyno project at Snakepit which he named Quitline (V12). The guidebook suggests that it will be the hardest dyno in Australia when climbed, but already in 2011 Nalle did the first ascent of Pigeon Superstition (V14) at Citadel, which has an extremely difficult all-points-off dyno, so that one probably takes the cake. And then there's Nalle's Massive Dynamic (V14) in Buandik, which as the name suggests revolves around one very hard and massive dyno.

Buandik - amusement park
While Mt. Stapylton may be slowly running out of new boulders, The Victoria range in the Southern Grampians has seemingly endless potential. We were amazed by the potential in 2011 and that is why we came back the next year and based ourselves closer to that side of the moutain range and rented a 4x4. Every restday was spent hiking around with maps and it paid off! We opened some amazing new areas and absolutely world-class boulder problems! What we managed to fit into two months of climbing in the Grampians was still only scratching the surface and we'll return back again next season!

Rocklands, South Africa

Rocklands - Champagne sector

Rocklands has become one of the worlds biggest hubs for bouldering. I've spent three seasons there since my first visit in 2008 and I always seem to find something new. The 2012 season I ticked off a lot of my old projects from previous seasons and found some great new lines right in the old areas.

The Champagne sector got some great additions this year too. I finally managed to climb a spectacular slab project this season, Peahi(V12). I also sent another old project on the same boulder as Livin' Large which got the name Modified Limited Rampage (V14). This one I couldn't even come close on working it the previous seasons, so it was a great feeling topping it out!

Rocklands - Champagne sector
I put up some great new problems at other areas too like Power of Bar-One (V12) at Kleinfontein, The Escapist (V14) at the Fortress and an amazing triple-dyno Industry of Cool (V13) at 8th Day of Rain to mention a few.
I spent many days hiking around the mountains for hours, but didn't manage to find quite what I was looking for. Still the potential even in the old areas is pretty good as so many great problems got put up right in the most popular areas during the -12 season.