Climbing competitions

Nalle has several impressive results to his name like winning the Arco Rockmasters, winning several international competitions, the 2010 IMS Cup, silver in the European Championships and 5th place in the World Championships. He has also won invitationals like Tierra Boulder Battle and was awarded the Sickest Move Award at Red Bull Block Buster. On top of this Nalle is a 4-time Nordic Champion and 8-time Finnish Champion.

Nalle's success aside, competitions haven't been his primary focus at any
point of his climbing career and his true passion lies in climbing on real rock.

Competition results:

1st Arco Rockmaster 2006
1st Tierra Boulder Battle 2011
1st Nordic Championships 2008
1st Nordic Championships 2004
2nd European Championships 2007
5th World Championships 2005
2nd Nordic Championships 2005
3rd Arco Rock Master 2008
1st IMS Cup 2010
1st Nordic Championships 2006
1st Nordic Championships 2007
3rd World Cup Grindelwald 2007
2nd Nissan Outdoor Games
2nd Arco Rock Master 2007
1st Finnish Championships 2003
1st Finnish Championships 2004
1st Finnish Championships 2005
1st Finnish Championships 2006
1st Finnish Championships 2007
1st Finnish Championships 2008
1st Finnish Championships 2009
1st Finnish Championships 2010
Sickest Move Award, Red Bull Bloc Buster

Hardest climbs

Nalle is one of the most accomplished boulderers in the world and is known for his fast repeats up to 8C (V15) and groundbreaking first ascents. While he has climbed hard boulders all over the world, it was Nalle who established Scandinavia's first 8B+ and possibly the first 8C. He is also one of the handful of people in the world to flash V13 and has flashed more boulders V12 and harder than anyone. Nalle has climbed sport routes up to 8c+, two 8c routes 2nd-go and flashed famous trad routes on Taipan wall. Now he has his sights set on his Sisu project, which is an incredibly hard unclimbed line that would surely be a big step forward for the sport.

Hardest Climbs:

First Ascents:
Livin' Large V15 (8C) South Africa
Circus Elephant Syndrome V14/V15 (8B+/8C) Finland
Massive Dynamic V14 (8B+) Australia
The Globalist V14 (8B+) Finland
Ninja Skills V14 (8B+) Switzerland
Living The Dream V14 (8B+) Finland
The Escapist V14 (8B+) South Africa
Occam's Razor V14 (8B+) Australia
Realist V14 (8B+) France
Modified Limited Rampage V14 (8B+) South Africa
Pigeon Superstition V14 (8B+) Australia
Never Say Never V14 (8B+) Australia
The Machinist V13/14 (8B/8B+) Texas
Sunseeker V13 (8B) Colorado
The Diamond V13 (8B+) Norway
Hypergravity V13 (8B) Finland
Dodo V13 (8B) Finland
Normipäivä V13 (8B) Finland
Rough Gem V13 (8B) Norway
Tequila Sunrise V13 (8B) Texas
7 Veljestä V13 (8B) Finland
Feel Good Inc. V13 (8B) Finland

The Island V15 (8C) France
Dreamtime V14 (8B+) Switzerland
Oliphant's Dawn V14 (8B+) South Africa
Esperanza V14 (8B+)
Monkey Business V14 (8B+) South Africa
Jade V14 (8B+) Colorado
New Base Line V14 (8B+) Switzerland
Sky V14 (8B+) South Africa
Lost In The Hood V14 (8B+) Arkansas
Madiba V14 (8B+) South Africa
Gecko Assis V14 (8B+) France
King of Limbs V14 (8B+) South Africa
Golden Shadow V14 (8B+) South Africa
Confessions V14 (8B+) Switzerland
Satan I Helvete Bas V14 (8B+) France
Amandla V14 (8B+) South Africa
Ode to the Modern Man V14 (8B+) Colorado
Mooiste Maise V14 (8B+) South Africa
The Mandala SDS V14 (8B+) California
Derailed V14 (8B+) South Africa


Climbing Magazine awarded Nalle with the prestigious Golden Piton Award in 2009 for numerous hard ascents from America to Africa and his first ascent of Livin' Large, a ground-breaking climb which still stands unrepeated to this day.

Climbing Magazine's Golden Piton Award