Nalle Hukkataival has been climbing for 13 years and has an impressive list of achievements to show for it.

His cutting-edge first ascents, hard repeats and competition wins around the world speak for themselves.

Born: September 8, 1986
in Helsinki, Finland

Height: 173 cm (5.8')

Weight: ∼68 kg (150 lbs.)

Arm span: +2cm (∼1 inch)

Years climbing: 13

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    Nalle Hukkataival was age 12 when he tried climbing for the first time at a local climbing wall on his school's sports day. Nalle wasn't necesarily a born natural, but he liked how challenging climbing was, so he decided to join a youth climbing group. He quickly went from climbing three times a week to spending almost every day at the wall. Eventually Nalle was able to climb the steepest, most difficult walls at the gym. "Now what?", was his question. He was told he should climb using only certain color holds. To Nalle, this seemed like running a marathon with one leg, the natural challenge that had drawn him to climbing was gone. Nalle quickly got bored of all the limitations, lost interest and quit climbing.

    Then about a year later Nalle got to try rock climbing at a local bouldering area within a bike ride from his home. It was everything he loved about climbing without all the limitations and rules. He was hooked for life. From there on Nalle spent almost every moment of his free-time on rock. During the cold winters Nalle trained for spring indoors and after only a few years of climbing he became the national champion in bouldering.

    At age 17 Nalle took part in his first competition outside Finland, the Nordic Championships. Technically he wasn't old enough to be in the adult national team, but the coach saw his potential so an exception was made for him. Nalle shocked everyone by winning the competition. A year later he took 5th place in the World Championships in Munich making him Scandinavia's top ranked climber. The following year, after having just served six months in the military, Nalle won the legendary Arco Rockmaster in Italy and a few months later became the Vice European Champion. He has since won several international competitions including the 2010 IMS Cup and Tierra Boulder Battle and he is a 4-time Nordic Champion and 8-time Finnish Champion in bouldering. Nalle's success aside, competitions haven't been his primary focus at any point of his climbing career and his true passion lies in rock climbing.

    From early on Nalle went and climbed the hardest boulders around in Finland. Starting to run out of things to do, Nalle made the first ascent of the hardest boulder, and the first 8B in Finland. Many hard first ascents followed all over the country. It was Nalle again who opened Scandinavia's first 8B+ boulder, Living the Dream, and the hardest sport route in Finland. He has kept pushing the standards ever since and his hardest first ascent in Finland, Circus Elephant Syndrome, could well be Scandinavia's first 8C boulder.

    After getting his drivers license when he turned 18, Nalle was able to travel more and he headed straight to Switzerland where he managed to climb a lot of hard problems including Dreamtime, the hardest boulder in the world at the time. This feat was what really put the then-unknown Finnish climber on the map. The following years Nalle traveled around the world to areas like Fontainebleau, Colorado, Hueco, Rocklands and Australia to prove himself on testpieces of different styles.

    Today Nalle has traveled to almost 30 countries for climbing and opened first ascents in Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Australia. He won Climbing Magazine's Golden Piton Award for his hard repeats and first ascent of Livin' Large, an unrepeated V15 highball in South Africa. Nalle has devoted a lot of his time to putting up first ascents, and developing areas like Rocklands and the Grampians. He's also one of a handful of people in the world to flash 8B boulder. Currently Nalle is working on his incredibly hard Sisu project which, if accomplished, would be a big step forward for the sport.

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    First ascents are the true challenge because often you don't know if it's even possible, as opposed to something that's been climbed before.